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Social media, as you no doubt know, can be extremely important for marketing and communications, reaching demographics and clients you might have never thought to find, or even keeping and engaging a dedicated following. Take a look around a few of my favorite pieces for social media.

Social Media Experience

Lindsay Machine WOrks

Coming into Lindsay Machine Works, they did not have much of a social media presence. Without expanding it to fast, my goals were to cultivate and establish a following on Facebook and LinkedIn through the use of videos and graphic updates. By showcasing their abilities, services and machines in action, we were able to maintain a 4-5% engagement rate and decent lead generation to the website.

Harbor City Entertainment - Ashten Ray & Conley

At the start of the pandemic, I took on a digital management role for the musical artists Ashten Ray and Conley through Harbor City Entertainment. While this role had many facets and forays into the emerging social channels of TikTok, this role revolved around promoting music and events through a dedicated following and paid media. During my time we were able to reach over a million streams on Spotify and Apple Music on several songs as well as work on marketing materials for Ashten Ray's song "Convenient" with Kansas City artist Tech N9ne.

Emery Sapp & Sons

New to social media for a large corporation, this role gave me a lot of insight into tracking valuable metrics and keeping a following updated. As an architecture, engineering, and construction firm, this role consisted primarily in keeping the public engaged in new and ongoing projects, lane closers, and other construction updates.

Lambda Chi Alpha - Lambda Pi

Coming into this position, the chapter had never really had a social media presence. Through the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms, we were able to highlight our members and events, community service opportunities, and drive fundraising for Feeding America during our bi-annual food/donation drives. During the three years I spent in this role, we created a social buzz that got 2 of our homecoming candidates named king, raised over $100,000 in food and donations for Feeding America, and got one of our chapter spotlights featured on the Lambda Chi Alpha International social media pages.

UCM Muleskinner Newspaper

New to college I accepted a contributing role with the Muleskinner news team. While writing articles for our sports teams I was given the opportunity to live tweet games, and given press passes to the announcers' box and locker rooms. Even on some occasions traveling with the teams.

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