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Hi, I'm Christian VanLue

A marketing and design specialist with 10 years of Adobe Creative Suite knowledge and 5 years of experience with companies in the Kansas City area.

A "designer" since birth, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from The University of Central Missouri. During my time there and in my positions since, I've learned to utilize software to correlate inherent consumer preconceptions into projects intended to persuade & invoke a response.


Which is a lengthy way of saying, I know how to use the tools in my toolbelt to get your company to be seen by your customers.

In my time as a marketing and design professional, I've handled:

  • Print design (invites, posters, banners, magazine spreads, brochures, packaging & more)

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Web design, SEO, & blog writing

  • Event & Tradeshow Planning

  • Social Media & Content Creation

  • & photography

Let's Get in touch

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  • Twitter

"Great job Christian"

- Jason Kelce

New Heights Stamp of the Week | Ep. 23

You can find The Stamp of the Week at 1 hour and 29 minutes

As a lifelong Eagles fan, this was a dream come true, as the now husband of a die-hard Chiefs fan, this was a given. As a couple, we both got the chance to cheer each other on as our teams made and won their respective Super Bowls in 2018 and 2020. Her first time meeting my parents was even the 2017 week 2 match-up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead, and everything came full circle.

After proposing in 2022, we thought it would be fun to bring our Kelce jerseys and commemorate all of the bonding over football we've had over the years. Especially at a time when both of our teams seemed to have a real shot at competing against one another in the Super Bowl. 

We have been weekly listeners to the New Heights podcast since it aired in 2022 and always had a good time debating several of the topics the Kelce's would bring up. As our engagement pictures came back, Adrianna jokingly said she was going to post the jersey ones and tag the brothers. Within a few hours, Travis liked the tweet, the rest was enshrined on their episode 23 Stamp of the Week.

So shout out to the Kelce Bros, for including our fandom for fun, family, and football on your show. I know it meant a lot to my wife, as for me, "Great job Christian" is all I needed to hear.

Go Birds

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