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Doodle Daily

Drawings, Sketches, & Vectors

In the process of establishing ideas from one project to the next, sometimes I am touched by a muse and pull from the aether a creation of my own making. This is not one of those times. Just a fun collection of doodles, drawings & sketches

Camp Cook

Not really much too it. Was drawing a pirate ship, felt like drawing a cook. A few iterations later I had myself a peg-legged apron-wearer. As I was drawing it in Illustrator, I thought he fit better as a cowboy; an open range, cattle drive camp cook. 


An old drawing I had tucked away since college, I thought it deserved some new life. As the title suggests, just a drawing I made while sitting in class.


Drink Mo' Beer

Was at a brewery I like to frequent the other day. Noticed a badge on their shirt that said, "Drink Mo Beer", and couldn't help but think what a wasted opportunity to have a little fun and emphasize the play on words. So I felt the need to redo it for them.

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