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That'd make Jack a dull boy, and Christian a poor designer

Of course, it's not all work & no play


(Yes, I'm one of those nerds)

"We must cultivate our gardens"


In a world consumed with keeping up with the lives of one another online, I find Voltaire's 18th century quote from Candide to ring all the more true. We must focus on our own self, sowing our own seeds, weeding our own plants, tending to our soils as opposed to watching anothers garden with envy...

Meet the gardener

After growing up in the Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri, I decided to go to The University of Central Missouri, receiving a BFA in Graphic Design.


After college, I cut my teeth in the marketing department of an A/E/C industry leader in downtown Kansas City. Wearing many hats some in tandem, from email blasts and social media management to print ads and web design even dabbling in corporate-level event planning, I learned to hold my own.

Resigning to cultivate my own path, I seriously underestimated the economic pressures of a global pandemic. But this is not the end of my story, and to keep with the gardening trope, a little spring frost won't bite the crop.


Specializing in brand development and management, I took on several clients and felt out a niche in the music industry, designing social media ads, websites, billboards, merchandise, and helping to build artist fan bases as they amassed a combined 3 million in streams.


As I look forward to the next chapters in my life, let me leave you with another quote, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."




No introduction could be complete

without meeting


Too much sanity may be madness

and maddest of all: to see life as it is,

and not as it should be

-Don Quixote


Ernst Junger

Storm of Steel


John Green

The Anthropocene Reviewed

Woah, didn't think you'd make it this far. Honestly who reads this smut? Amirite?!? About pages, pff...

Like who does this guy think he is, telling me his hobbies

and sh*t, acting like I can read

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